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what the dowload

I loved the mechanics/puzzles of this game! 

thanks for checking my game out and making a video !

Game was awesome possum! I derped around a lot at first, but it all turned out okay!

Thanks for playing!

My pleasure! :D! Thanks for making the game!!

Quite short, but fun.


Neat little game :) Fun for younger audience, Little hard to understand how to "remove" the flashlight at first but I figured it out and manage to escape the room. Would love it to be longer but overall you did a good job.

Video coming out on my youtube channel later, Ill give you the link once its done :)

Gave it a go....


Whoa, what the hell?! I made a horror game, and just released it today, that kinda has the same mechanics, where you can't shine your light at the enemy or else you'll die. Though it's very different, mine is a topdown horror game. Your's is a point n click. :)

I'll def check out your game :)

btw, I just updated it with floor textures, because the game looked awful without it.